A soccer-style football game with a massive flagpole for a goal.

Flagstaff Football is a sport with a single, central flagpole for a goal. Teams can kick and catch the ball in order to line up the perfect shot.

Flagstaff plays a bit like Australian Rules Football, with a similar system of “Marking the ball.”

The team that last caught a kicked ball is on offense, and the other team is on defense. Each time offense and defense switch, the game ticks closer to the end!

Designers – James Lomusico and Adam Nelson

James Lomuscio is a Catholic entrepreneur in Pittsburgh. His politics are distributist, and he loves awkward conversations. CEO of @PlayDropKicker, Designer-in-Residence (Sandlot Sports) @CityofPlay. Find him @lomuscio.

Adam Nelson is an award winning kinetic game designer and systems thinker, working to make people happier and cities more fun. CCO of @PlayDropKicker, Director of @CityofPlay.