Full-Contact Catan

It’s Settlers of Catan re-envisioned as a field sport. Pretty straightforward, right?

Settlers of Catan is a boring game. That’s right, we said it. Playing Full-Contact Catan is like playing Settlers: you’ll plan territory acquisition, try to claim resources before your opponents, and trade with them for what you can’t get…except instead of waiting 45 minutes and 60 turns to watch your carefully laid plans catastrophically fail, you only need to wait 20 seconds. Run for your wheat, tackle for your sheep, and slide for your settlements!

Designer – David Fono

David is an interactive designer and developer from Toronto. His work includes Flash games, iPhone/iPad apps, social networking websites, advertising microsites, interactive trailers, eye-tracking research prototypes, and more. But his heart is in all forms of play, and finding ways to support it with technological know-how. He’s the co-founder of The Mission Business, where he helps build live productions that blend theatre and games. He also works with pervasive games collective Atmosphere Industries. As if that weren’t enough, he’s the Technical Lead at Stitch Media. Plus, he co-organizes Board Game Jam, an annual event held in Toronto. And sometimes he’ll just go off and make an iPhone game on his own for no good reason whatsoever.