Go Dark


Big Data is watching you.

In GoDark, a team of hackers takes to the streets to detect and disrupt government surveillance networks, while a squad of State Agents tries to hunt down the hackers before they succeed. This game puts players in a world as digitally-connected and surveilled as our own, then challenges them to use (or avoid using) their mobile devices to win an asymmetrical struggle for power.

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Designers – Bryan Collinsworth

Bryan Collinsworth recently received his MFA in design and technology from Parsons School of Design. He designs and develops games and interactive experiences for multiple platforms, from Unreal and Unity to mobile Web. Bryan likes making games that explore weird, satirical, artsy or socially engaging topics. After a previous career in politics and new media, Bryan has worked as a game design intern at PlayStation and is currently completing a Virtual Reality Fellowship with Viacom.