Imposter Drawster

Artsy & Cratfy

Imposter Drawster is a collaborative coloring game with a dollop of deception.

Using a single mobile device, everybody creates a picture together by painting a portion and passing the canvas along.

Everyone knows what to draw except for the randomly assigned Imposter!

The Imposter tries to blend in, while everyone else tries to find the fake (without giving away the topic, of course).

Either way, you and your friends will produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and a suspiciously good time!

Designers – Up at Night

Nolan Filter and Nathan Jones are Up at Night, making playful products and delightful diversions. Ever since meeting in a Game Design class at NYU, they’ve been making high quality experiences best described as simple, colorful, abstract, and bouncy – just look at their cheery mobile games Circle Stop and Janky Bounce! They’re happy to be sharing their next major release with everyone at Come Out & Play and hope you enjoy it.

Up at Night