Kung Fu Flamingos

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Bring Honor to Your Flock.

The premise of Kung Fu Flamingoes is simple: hop ’til you drop. Players enter the arena, stand on one foot, and wait for the music to begin. Once the game starts, it is your imperative to be the last ‘flamingo’ standing… By. Any. Means. Necessary. Well, that is, as long as you hold onto your leg with both hands, stay inside the arena, and don’t bite anyone — you know, because flamingoes don’t have teeth.

Designers – Eric Blattberg, Matthew Chen, Daniel LaCosse, Andrew Prosser

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Eric Blattberg – Lead Designer & Producer
Senior editor at Crowdsourcing.org. He also makes games, climbs rocks, and skates boards. One time he found $20 on the street.

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Matthew Chen – Auxiliary Designer
A man surrounded in mystery, mainly due to the fact that he’s not really sure what to write about when it comes to short biographies.

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Daniel LaCosse – Media Director
Self-proclaimed ‘Narrative Engineer’, dabbling across creative and analytical fields. One would find his personal ‘blog/folio’ at INFINITEIDEA.NET.

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Andrew Prosser – Auxiliary Designer
Writer and performer of theatre, television, and sketch comedy. He likes dinosaurs.