Let’s Roll at Night!


Try your luck! Roll the die and win!

Try your luck! Roll the die and win an art! Or something else! To play, players must earn the right to roll the dice to win prizes! All players win a prize! A chance to win costs only 25 thoughts and the game guarantees a win, with a variety of fabulous prizes to choose from the prize board.

Designers – Desiree Des

Desiree Des (b. Taipei, Taiwan) is a Brooklyn based artist working with photography, sculpture, and multiples, with an emphasis on creating an interactive context for her work to exist and be distributed. She holds a BFA from Alfred University, an MLIS from Rutgers University, and will complete her MFA at Hunter in December 2016. Her work has been seen at SARDINE, TEMP, BOMB Magazine, and the Whitney Houston Biennial.

Curated by – Sheetal Prajapati and Anna Harsanyi’s GAME NIGHT

This game was selected for inclusion by independent curators Sheetal Prajapati and Anna Harsanyi as part of their ongoing GAME NIGHT event series in New York. GAME NIGHT is a series of events that present artist-made games, inspired by underlying themes from popular games such as the Ouija board and Mad Libs. Through playful exchanges created by artists, this series invites participants to interact with works of art, have a conversation, and explore how games illustrate the ways we communicate and reflect on the world around us. GAME NIGHT has taken place at Denny Gallery and Babycastles in New York.