Mobile Active Gaming Environment


The Mobile Active Gaming Environment (MAGE) is a network of smart electronic nodes that talk to player’s smart phones and allow teams to play active, outdoor games.

The Mobile Active Gaming Environment is a prototype gaming platform that combines smart, electronic nodes based on Arduino processors popular with Makers with smart phones. When the MAGE nodes are set up they allow multiple games to be configured by the players. MAGE keeps track of scoring and lets you focus on the game.

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Designers – Steven Welch, Alan Cheville, Laura Poss, Rachel Fernandes, Danny Mathieson

Danny Mathieson, Rachel Fernandes, and Laura Poss just graduated from Bucknell University where they developed MAGE as their senior project.

Steven Welch is a serial entrepreneur whose day job is helping unlock the secrets of the universe at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Alan Cheville teaches at Bucknell and is passionate about making learning fun again.