Moving Targets

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The Goals are goin’ and Bowlers are rollin’

In most games, players try to get goals in a fixed target. But this game breaks the rules, because all the targets are in constant motion. One pair starts out as the Bowlers and gets one ball to share. Every other pair forms Goals by holding a noodle between them. The Bowlers try to get the ball through any Goal by bowling it, while the Goals try to prevent the ball from passing under their noodle by kicking it away, deflecting it with their free hands, or just running away. If a ball goes through a Goal, the Goal drops the noodle, the players pick up a new ball, and they become Bowlers also. Bowlers try to get all the Goals out, and the last Goal standing is the winning Goal. When this happens, all Bowlers work with their original partner to try to get the last Goal out, and whichever pair succeeds in getting the last Goal are the winning Bowlers. This game was inspired by other games like Sharks & Minnows and Ultimate Frisbee

Designer – Pink Ponies from the Come Out & Play Jam

partner_logo_esi Moving Targets was the winning game at the first Come Out & Play Jam on June 15, and was created by a team of first-time game designers (with a little help from professional designers). The Jam was run in partnership between Come Out & Play, ESI Design, HIVE NYC Learning Network, and the Park Slope Armory YMCA.