Name Tag


Suspicion breeds confidence in Name Tag: steal, pretend, get rich.

In Name Tag you are a humble Hacker working at the International Hacking Corporation GmbH S.A. Ltd. LLC and Sons. But the company is declaring bankruptcy and all the Hackers are being fired today! It’s time to steal money from the company and your colleagues to get your severance package and add your user id to the annals of hacking history!

Designers – David Gochfeld, Nick Hubbard, Terry Li Yixuan

Nick Hubbard makes art at the intersections of the found and the fabricated, the contemporary and the historical. This takes many forms including solo performance, games, interactive installations, and virtual reality experiences. He enjoys games that insert joy, wonder, and curiosity into the everyday.

Terry Li Yixuan is an indie game developer based in New York City. Terry is passionate about all kinds of game design challenges, and eager to apply what he has learnt from NYU Game Center to his games.

David Gochfeld is an interaction and experience designer, engineer, and VR storyteller. Recently he has been exploring ways to inject magic, fun and discovery in the interaction between participants within virtual and physical spaces using technology and game design.