Night Games

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What is this, NightGames? An interactive dance party.

Night Games is an immersive sound and light environment created by you, the players! In the middle of the space is a black box full of glowing Playstation Moves. Pick one up and move around the space. Stand farther away from other players to create a more ambient, chilled out vibe. Dance with friends to kick up the tempo and warm up the dance floor. The sound is in 3D so different areas of the space sound totally unique based on group interaction. Explore! Dance! Invent your own games within the game. The more you move together in groups, the more the world responds to you.

Designers – Phoenix Perry, Sasha Richter, Margaret Anne Schedel, Colin Snyder, with Wolfgang Gil, Rebecca Fiebrink, and David Last

Phoenix Perry is an Adjunct Professor at NYU teaching Gaming, Design and Embodiment at Poly, ITP and Steinhardt. She received a Master in Science in January 2013 from NYU Poly with her thesis work focusing on creating emotion through embodiment. From digital arts practitioner to Creative Director, she has extensive experience in new media, design, and user interfaces. Perry’s creative work spans a large range of disciplines including drawing, generative art, video, games, interfaces and sound. Her projects have been seen worldwide at venues and festivals including Come out and Play, Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science, Lincoln Center, Transmediale, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, LAMCA, Harvest Works, Babycastles, European Media Arts Festival, GenArt, Seoul Film Festival and Harvestworks. In 2011 she co-authored the book, Meet the Kinect with Sean Kean and Johnathan Hall. Finally, she has curated since 1996 in a range of cultural venues, the most recent of which is her own gallery, Devotion Gallery. Devotion is a Williamsburg gallery focused on the intersection of art, science, new media, and design.

Margaret Anne Schedel is a composer and cellist specializing in the creation and performance of ferociously interactive media. Her works have been performed throughout the United Stated and abroad. While working towards a DMA in music composition at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, her interactive multimedia opera, A King Listens, premiered at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and was profiled by She is working towards a certificate in Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros and has studied composition with Mara Helmuth, Cort Lippe and McGregor Boyle. She serves as the musical director for Kinesthetech Sense and sits on the boards of 60×60 Dance, the BEAM Foundation, the Electronic Music Foundation Institute, the International Computer Music Association, the New West Electronic Art and Music Organization and Organised Sound. She contributed a chapter of Electronic Music and the Studio for the Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music and her article on generative multimedia was recently published in Contemporary Music Review. Her work has been supported by the Presser Foundation, Centro Mexicano para la Música y les Artes Sonoras, and Meet the Composer. She recently won the Ruth Anderson Prize for her collaborative installation Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair. As an Assistant Professor of Music at Stony Brook University, she serves as Co-Director of Computer Music and is a core faculty member of cDACT, the consortium for digital art, culture and technology.