Octopus Wars

Teams of 8 people play as octopuses in a competition against each other! Who will be the dominant cephalopod?

This game is played in a field with set boundaries. An octopus team is formed by 8 players, each holding on to the same hula hoop with one hand. This leaves their other hand free to function as a tentacle. Each octopus can move through the play area together, but one member of the team must always be touching one of several anchor points placed throughout the field.

Players can find rope of varying lengths. Players must move as a group to find and collect rope “tentacles”. Once a tentacle is found, the team can loop it through their hoop, with one player holding one end of the rope and another player holding the other. This allows those players to hold onto the rope instead of the hoop, allowing their group to spread out and cover more ground and access new areas. Different lengths of rope will be available for teams to compete over.

Players can fight other octopuses by grabbing hold of a rope tentacle of an enemy team with 2 of their own tentacles. This allows the “winning” octopus to force a tentacular trade with the losing team. Players are immune to this attack if they are touching their hula hoop with their free hand.

The winning team is the one that is first able to touch 8 anchor points simultaneously and scream OCTOPUS!

Designers – Arkadium

Arkadium is a casual game development studio. We love prototyping new ideas!