A multi-experiential storytelling and theatrical affair.

Re/Play is a prototype platform for a multi-experiential storytelling and theatrical affair. We created worlds inside 4 boxes, and we are asking folks to tell us what they see. Select a box and a curator. Analyze the content of the box and work with the curator to build a new short “script” that we will upload to Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Give your play a title, and don’t be afraid to use a pen name. Follow your story, and others, on Medium as we build a story world. Make comments on your story, comment on other people’s stories, and watch the “Master Script” as the Re/Play team cherry picks sections and selections from each short play to build a long form script that will be produced in 2017.

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Designers – Wendy Mitchell, Timothy Braun, Gricelda Silva

Wendy Mitchell
As a toddler, Wendy cried every time she heard You Are My Sunshine and was very particular about nighttime stuffed animal placement. Many years later, she studied Art and Art History at The University of Georgia, wrote a lot of songs, and eventually moved to Austin, TX. There, she quickly realized that Ctrl+Z was much more efficient than a Kneadable Eraser. Since then, she has worked as a graphic and web designer/developer, animator, writer, song-crafter, production designer, and general creative problem-solver ( She once wrote a column on (Hello, My Name Is), thrice played in a bunch of bands in Austin and Athens, GA (The Casting Couch, The Glen Gold, Hi Fi Mastodon), and many times has embarked on experimental theatrical journeys with Tongue & Groove Theatre and The Dialtones. She currently runs The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation (, occasionally shoots cans off of her porch from her bedroom with a Red Ryder BB gun, and plays as much volleyball as possible. She has excellent hand-eye coordination and is intermittently working on a play or novel or mental exercise based on a fictional reality TV show involving advertising, marketing professionals, sadness, the internet, and outer space.

Timothy Braun
Tim is just a guy, you know? More at

Gricelda Silva
Gricelda Silva is a native Spanish speaker, was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. She moved to Austin, TX to attend St. Edward’s University where she earned her degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. She began acting 6 years ago with her professional debut as The Boy in The Red Balloon (Tongue and Groove Theatre) that awarded her a B. Iden Payne for Outstanding Performer in Youth Theater in 2010. That fall, she began working with Trouble Puppet Theater, a company she is still a proud member of today. The first bilingual play she performed in was Pinkolandia (Salvage Vanguard Theater), which got her a B. Iden Payne award for Outstanding Lead Actress for 2013/2014. Somewhere between these two accolades, she met Caroline Reck of Glass Half Full Theatre and began starring in her original plays such as Orchid Flotilla, Fup Duck, Once There Were Six Seasons, Simple Sundries, and Cenicienta. Gricelda won a B. Iden Payne award for the 2014/2015 season for Outstanding Actress in a Theatre for Youth Production for the bilingual one-woman show aforementioned, Cenicienta. She also won two more BIPs for Lead Actress in a Comedy for Changelings (Vortex Rep.) and Ensemble Performance for The Strange Case of Edward Hyde and Dr. Jekyll (Trouble Puppet Theater). Her work was also recognized at the Austin Critics Table Awards 2014/2015 for Acting in a Lead Role for three different productions: Changelings/Simple Sundries/Cenicienta. In 2015, she was awarded Best Actress for The Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin. She is currently teaching theater after school at an elementary school in Austin, TX, and couldn’t be more excited to see the arts positively effect their young lives and minds every day.