Someone Has Died

A silly game about serious business.

Someone Has Died is an improvisational storytelling game set at a will arbitration in which players craft characters and stories in order to convince an estate keeper that they are the most worthy of a grand fortune. Identity, relationship, and backstory cards help feed players’ imagination as they argue against one another for the riches and glory. It’s like SuperFight meets Dungeons and Dragons – a storytelling romp for players of all skill levels!

Designers – Gather Round Games

Adi Slepack (Co-creator & Lead Game Designer) took a class called “Video Games and/as The Moving Image” her last semester of college and then became an accidental game designer. She is confused, but totally psyched about it. By day, Adi is a creative professional in the film industry and is currently an Art Department Production Assistant on an upcoming feature film.

Ellie Black (Co-creator, Designer, and Concept artist) loves video games very much. She also loves dogs, guitar music, and nice parties, but games come first. Ellie recently graduated from Wesleyan University.

Liz Roche (Game Development Assistant) got jealous that Adi and Ellie made such a cool game, so she decided to hop on the bandwagon. She is passionate about dogs, potatoes, and her hair. Liz graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in English and Gender Studies. When not working on Someone Has Died, she can be found doing puzzles and fighting for reproductive rights.