Space Kitty


A infini-payer zap ‘em up you can play with just a computer, a webcam, and a flashlight.

Space Kitty is an infi-player arcade shooter in which players use the flashlight on their phone to defend the Space Kitty Mothership from encroaching dog aliens (or Dog-liens). Players must physically navigate around each other to destroy the Dog-liens with their flashlights, but remember to coordinate their movements to ensure the Kitty Mothership does not come under friendly fire. As the game continues, the Dog-lien’s pace quickens and play becomes more frantic. Created with a DIY aesthetic, Space Kitty is scalable for small gatherings or large parties, can be operated on any computer with a webcam, and can be played with any light emitting device.

Designers – Alex Duncan and Karina Popp

Alex Duncan and Karina Popp are New York based designers and alums of the NYU Game Center’s MFA in Game Design. Alex likes making games about animals; Karina likes making nonsense games. Both designers like dogs and cat equally.