Spaghetti Stand-off

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A Spaghetti Western like you’ve never seen before.

Players stand in a circle. Each player is connected to the person next to them by holding the end of a (uncooked) spaghetti. The goal of the game is to be part of the last pair standing together with an unbroken spaghetti held between them.

Designers – Brian Peterson, Grant Reid, David Or, Brett Taylor, Julia Keren-Detar, Will Bredbeck

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Brian Peterson is a community service manager at Arkadium and the lead designer on Super Secret Spies.

Grant Reid is a game designer at Arkadium.

David Or, Brett Taylor and Julia Keren-Detar are on the R&D team at Arkadium and are responsible for prototyping ideas.

Will Bredbeck is an Art Director at Arkadium.