When everyone falls, there will only be one.

Four people enter, one person leaves. Face down your friends in Standoff, armed with only a Nerf Revolver and a Foam Dagger. Or, lead your friends in their Standoff as the Leader, calling the shots with your snare drum. Be wary, though: Each player has only ONE foam dart. And once players complete “The Ritual,” no one knows when their dart is loaded.

Designer – Vincent Bariuan

AdventureSquad_DevPhoto Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida and currently living in New York, Vincent Bariuan is a new media critic and independent game designer. Recently earning his Masters in Film Studies, Vincent realized too late that the actual medium he wanted to plod countless hours doing boring, methodological research was video games. Looking to better understand the dynamic between people in multiplayer games, Vincent started designing his own games in order to explore the relationships players foster with each other – and sometimes against.