Super Skinny Soccer

Six players, six minutes, one alley.

A game that squeezes all of the fun and excitement of soccer down to six players, six minutes, and a three-foot-wide pitch. Can you thread the needle of Super Skinny Soccer in the alley under the Manhattan Bridge?

Designers – Gigantic Mechanic

Greg Trefry has wide array of experience designing games — everything from web-based MMOs to hit casual games to alternate reality games. He co-founded the game design studio Gigantic Mechanic to explore the bounds of game design through mobile games that interact with the real world. He serves as director of the Come Out & Play Festival, a festival of street games in New York City. Greg teaches at New York University and recently wrote the book, Casual Game Design: Designing Play for the Gamer in All of Us.

Mattia Romeo used to do things other than make games but that didn’t make him happy. He now helps run Gigantic Mechanic where he makes games and is happy. He hopes the games he works on make you happy too.