Tea and Mayhem: Swords at Dusk

Challenges are never to be delivered at night, unless the party to be challenged intend leaving the place of offense before morning; for it is desirable to avoid all hot-headed proceedings. — Rule 15 of the Code Duello

Swords at Dusk is a social deduction game where you play the role of a high class English socialite in the midst of a masquerade ball. A lone killer stalks in the shadows, with the intent of killing each guest of the manor through a slow, but steady stream of poison. As guests of the manor, you must find out who the killer is, and dispose of them before they kill you.

However, you are high class socialites, and above the usual means of democratic justice. In order to eliminate someone in Swords at Dusk, you must challenge them to a duel to the death.

Will you stand your ground and fight, or will you try to convince others to fight for you in your stead? Will the killer sit back and watch the upper class off each other, or will they sew dissent in their ranks?

Designers – Oliver Hong

Oliver Hong is an analog game designer based out of Brooklyn, specializing in table games and immersive experiences. He has created games in previous Come out and Play festivals, and has recently received his Masters of Fine Arts at the NYU Game Center. You can find more of his works at www.origamiandroid.com.