The Adventure Society


Crave an action packed adventure you won’t soon forget?

Greetings young adventurer!
Due to recent archaeological discoveries, we are temporarily waiving our joiner’s fee and physical examination, which means you too can plunge the depths of dazzling geographical and anthropological wonders with almost no qualifications or experience! Adventuring is an incredible past-time, and too long has it been sequestered by the explorer-elite.

Consider the positive health benefits of spelunking!

  • Increased physical activity
  • functional exercise
  • mental health

    With only snakes, spiders, spikes, spears, axes, swords, darts, poisons, large falling rocks, bottomless piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits, and stalactites to worry about, who can say no!can say no!

    Designers – State of Play

    State of Play is a company committed to play as an agent of social responsibility, community building, and frolicsomeness amidst the tech age. Founded in 2014 by Dalton Gray, David Delaney, and Shannon Judd our work has been featured at Come Out and Play: After Dark 2014 (Best use of Narrative), IndieCade 2015 Night Games, BabyCastles Gallery and the Barn Arts Collective amongst other venues. We’re excited to announce we will be facilitating a city-wide game of Humans vs. Zombies this fall in conjunction with the award winning Flea Theater’s production of Neighborhood 3 directed by Joel Schumacher. To learn more or be a part of the fun, please follow us on Twitter @StateOfPlayNY or find us on Facebook.