The Curiosity Shop

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The strangest store you’ve ever played

Debuting at After Dark 2013, THE CURIOSITY SHOP is a game of mysterious commerce. Based in a most unusual pop-up store, this game starts players off with a few special tickets (we don’t accept anything as ordinary as normal cash) and invites them to purchase whatever they like from our store shelves. And yes, you really get to keep whatever you purchase. Buying the cheap stuff is easy, but only the truly clever shoppers will unravel the mysteries of the store and be able to afford the big ticket items. Good luck, and thanks for shopping at THE CURIOSITY SHOP.

Designer – Hide & Seek

hs_robertsonMargaret Robertson is a game designer and consultant who has worked on award-winning games for the commercial, cultural and educational sectors. A top-rated speaker on the principles and philosophies behind game design, she has helped run labs for both experienced and novice game designers around the world. Recent clients include EA, Sony, Channel 4, GameCity, Free Radical Design, Kuju and the Rank Group.

hs_heggenMark Heggen is an experimental game designer in New York City. As an early member of Area/Code Games, Mark was a central designer on games such as early Facebook hit Parking Wars and cult classic Drop7, as well as education and social intervention projects such as Macon Money and Budgetball. After the studio’s acquisition by Zynga, he went on to work on games with millions of daily players. Mark has designed dozens of card games, new sports, massively multiplayer games, alternate reality games, and a game you play with actual sharks. He also teaches game design at NYU, the New York Film Academy, and online at the University of Detroit.