The Forger


The Forger is a game about making fake art and pretending it’s real.

In every round there’s a real artist, a fake artist and a registrar. The registrar works for the gallery and decides which art gets put on the walls. Both the real artist and the fake artist make a drawing then tell a story about the inspiration for their work. Why did you draw what you drew? What does it symbolize? Tell the registrar an interesting story and they might think your fake art is real.

Designers – Jaehyun Kim and Michelle Calabro

Jaehyun Kim (

She received her MFA in Art and Technology from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she devoted many hours to game-making and physical computing. Prior to diving into the world of game design, she studied film-making in South Korea.

Michelle Calabro (

Michelle Calabro is an artist who deploys documentarian, interventionist, data-driven, and poetic approaches to investigate the possibility of the design artifact as an intrapersonal, interpersonal and intercultural interface. Is it possible for a design artifact to negotiate a language barrier amongst a group of people; a communication barrier between romantic partners; the psychological barriers within oneself?