The Grasshopper Round Table

Hey look, it’s a big round digital touch-enabled game table!

Come have a sneak peak at the Round Table, the custom designed-and-built touch-enabled game table that will be one of the core experiences at Grasshopper NYC team, the grownup games lounge that we’re working on.

A number of games by us and our indie game friends will be available to play at Come Out & Play After Dark:

Don’t F**k Up. A deceptively simple bouncing ball game by Shuichi Aizawa, Mark Anderson, Chris Hernandez, Hari Mohanraj, Joshua Raab, Ben Serviss, Neil Sveri, and Chris Zito.

Clockwork. A cooperative puzzle game by Michael Ren, Stephanie (Sebastian) Teesdale, Mark Monaco, Kirsten Sugar, Jammy Su, Yulian Odvey, and Anthony Barranco.

Don Hippo. A fast-paced hidden-traitor game by Anthony Albino, Randall Li, Ricardo Delgado, and Chris Motola.

Whiskers. A playful one-button game of bumper cats and moustaches designed by Jon Stokes and implemented on the Round Table by the Grasshopper team.

Well. A cooperative fishing game by the Grasshopper team.

Anagrams. The traditional letter tile game with a digital twist by the Grasshopper team.

Crokinole. A digital version of the classic disc-flicking board game by the Grasshopper team.


Instrument. An interactive musical toy by Grasshopper’s Eddie Cameron.

Designers – Grasshopper NYC

Individual game design credits are listed above. Grasshopper NYC folks who worked on the Round Table for Come Out & Play: Ien Cheng, founder and creative director; Eddie Cameron, game designer/programmer; Josh Raab, game designer; Ramya Swami, hardware engineer; Kevin Kong, programmer. The Grasshopper Round Table was designed David Costanza, Eric Howeler, Meejin Yoon, and Travis Bost of Howeler+Yoon Architecture; Seth Hunter of the MIT Media Lab; and Ien Cheng.