Use Your Words!

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A game of many wants & few words.

Developed for the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts’ Somebody Come and Play exhibition, Use Your Words! casts an entire audience of theatergoers as the roiling impulses and needs of a toddler. There’s a grown-up on stage that needs to do something really, really important, RIGHT NOW – like making breakfast, or drawing a bumblebee. The audience needs to tell them what to do, using a toddler’s limited vocabulary: Each audience member has just four words they can say, and everyone has different words. This will take teamwork, impulse control, and lots of yelling.

Designers – Gigantic Mechanic

Gigantic_Mechanic_logo_2line_smallGigantic Mechanic is a game design studio exploring new ways to bring fun and engaging experiences to the world around us through real-world, physical and social play. The goal for the game was to give an audience of adults empathy for how frustrating it can be for toddlers to communicate.