Useless Technology

Compete to pitch and invent the most useless technology of all!

In 2019, everybody’s looking for the next billion-dollar idea–but not in this game!

Useless Technology is a game about designing the worst invention you can, and convincing a panel of judges that your idea is by far the worst.
Every round, a player is designated as the inventor and is given a type of technology that they have to make. This might be anything from a website to an appliance. The inventor draws out a sketch of the idea, gives it a fitting name, and presents the concept to the rest of the players, who act as a panel of judges. Inventors might need to act out how it works, point to features on their sketches, or even give their best approximation of what sounds it makes. After the presentation, each judge gives the technology a score of 1-10 based on the most important thing: how useless they found the technology to be.

Designers – Jude Small with The Brooklyn Strategist

The Brooklyn Strategist is a uniquely community-based center for tabletop gaming. Our philosophy is that we learn through play, and we offer camp, after-school, weekend classes, and walk-in play for children and families. Useless Technology was designed in our Creative Game Design course by Jude Small, whose focus is exploring the intersection of comedy and gaming. Join us and get in on the fun!