New York City 2019

Come Out & Play 2019

Saturday, September 28 in DUMBO, Brooklyn

After a brutal heatwave this summer on the day of the festival, we’ve rescheduled the fun to September 28.  Same space. Same hours. Better weather!

Come Out & Play with us in DUMBO, Brooklyn for a day of family-friendly games and an evening of new social and physical games for adults.

Family Day

An afternoon of new street games for the whole family.

1 PM to 5 PM, Dumbo Archway
Come Out & Play Family Day offers games designed specifically for families and children of all age.  Play just one or two games, or try them all of for an afternoon of fresh fun.

After Dark

An evening of new social & physical games for adults.

6 PM to 10 PM, Dumbo Archway
Each year After Dark turns the city streets in a particular neighborhood into an arcade with social party games, large physical video games and wild new street games. After Dark showcases street games and technology enabled live-action game experiences.

After Dark players must be 18 or older.


  • Creatures of the Night
  • Live Action Pocket Monster Snap
  • Bean Bag Team Tag
  • Tea and Mayhem: Swords at Dusk
  • Seconds Since Last Injury
  • Human: Netrunner
  • D!SC: Duel! Strike Cards
  • Don’t Fear The Huevos (Non Temes Os Ovos)
  • Useless Technology
  • Glittercade
  • Peas Please
  • Spring Sprong
  • Excusez-Moi